Different Types of Gold For Jewellery

There are different types of metals that are used for jewellery. Some of those materials that are used in jewellery are platinum and silver. Gold is one of the more popular materials for jewellery although there are many different types of gold jewellery. 

Solid Gold

Gold is measured in karats and the higher the karat, the stronger it is. A 24 karat ring will have the most amount of gold, making it more expensive. Gold is a very common material in vintage jewellery however, a more modern piece of jewellery will be mixed with other metals to give it a different look or to make it stronger. If you think a plain gold ring or chain is boring then we suggest that you have a look at the other gold metals below. 

Rose Gold

Although rose gold was most popular in the 1920s, it is making a return. With rose gold, it is mixed with copper and silver giving that shiny red colour. The darker the red, the more copper that jewellery piece contains. Once again, the higher the karat for a specific jewellery piece, the more gold it contains. So, if you notice that your copper jewellery is a darker red, you know that it has less gold and more copper. 

White Gold

Arguably one of the more common types of gold with modern jewellery pieces. This is mixed with zinc as well as nickel giving it a silver colour that looks more polished than silver. However, one thing that must be mentioned with white gold is that it can lose its colour. If you ever see your white gold jewellery lose its colour then you can get it plated.     

Other Types of Gold

Many other golds are used for jewellery. Other types of gold are vermeil, gold filled and gold plated. These are also known as fashion jewellery or costume jewellery. Vermeil jewellery is combined with sterling silver. This is where a thin gold layer is placed over the top of silver jewellery. The minimum carats of gold for vermeil jewellery would be 10. 

Gold plated jewellery is where a thin layer is bound together with ionic bonding. Finally, gold-filled jewellery is another tin layer of gold that would sit over the top of the silver. 

If you are looking at inexpensive jewellery, fashion jewellery will be for you. However, one thing that you have got to remember with fashion jewellery is that it is much weaker. It will be produced on a mass scale and won’t need much time in the design.  

To Conclude

There are many different types of gold out there. If you want to keep it traditional and go for a more antique piece, we would suggest vintage engagement rings as these are most common with historical pieces. There are a lot of golds out there that can be worn with engagement rings or other pieces of jewellery. Remember, the higher the karat of gold, the more expensive it will be.

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