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What Are Shrugs and Why Do We Love Them?

When you want something to go over your dress on a cooler night, a women’s shrug is a good choice. You can find them in different colors, sizes, and styles. Pick one that’s in a similar or complementary color and style to the dress or blouse that you’re wearing.

What is a shrug?

This is a lightweight kind of cardigan that you can wear over nearly anything. It’s cropped in a way in which it covers your shoulders, back, and arms. They are highly versatile and you can wear them in any season.

What makes a shrug so great?

The shrug sweater is an ideal part of your Spring and Fall layering game. You can wear them over nearly anything to keep warmer and take this layer off if you’re indoors or out walking for a while. They are excellent when it comes to expanding your wardrobe.

What type of shrugs are best?

Purchase shrugs in a variety of neutral colors to serve as a good match for whatever you end up wearing them over. Choose fabrics that will be comfortable for different seasons, i.e. a lighter material for the Spring and Summer compared to what you’d wear in the Fall and Winter. You can choose between dress, cotton, printed, knitted, and long sleeve vs. short sleeve shrugs.